TNC and Tracker Radio/Power Cables

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Would you like to order one of our standard tracker cables? Use the drop-down select menus below to choose the Radio Type, Radio Model, Connector and Power Option. When you are sure you have selected what you would like, click the "Review Cable" button. You will be directed to a review page where you may purchase the cable by adding it to your shopping cart.

If you don't know what connectors are used, please make sure to have the make and model of the radio entered so we can determine the required parts. If the radio is somthing we have never heard of or we need some more information, we will contact you.


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$1.00 + Shipping --- Part #RCUST

  • TNC Interface Kit

    This kit is meant for interfaceing Kantronics style TNCs to radios that have a combined transmit audio and keying line. No more floating components to break off. The kit includes a tiny PCB that is ready to accept the required 0.1uF capactor and resistor value of your choice. We include all parts shown in the top picture, including the three most commonly used resistor values: 1K, 2.2K and 3.3K. All that you have to add is the cable and connector for your specific radio model.

$12.00 + Shipping --- Part #RTIK

  • Yaesu/Icom Style Dual Pin Connector

$6.00 + Shipping --- Part #RCYID

  • Kenwood Style Dual Pin Connector

$6.00 + Shipping --- Part #RCKD

  • Yaesu Style Threaded Four Conductor Connector

$6.00 + Shipping --- Part #RYFCC

Currently Out of Stock!

  • Motorola Style Dual Pin Connector

$6.00 + Shipping --- Part #RMDPC