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  • 3/9/14:We have just updated the ExpressTracker page to start taking orders! We have a limited supply of units to ship, but we're building more. If you receive an "Out of Stock" message when placing and order, please send us an email to place a unit on back order. We'll do our best to get a unit shipped out to you as soon as possible. Thanks to all who have been so patient on us while we got these ready for shipping! Please visit the ExpressTracker Page to order
  • 12/14/12:Merry Christmas from RPC Electronics, LLC! We are doing some major website clean up. You'll notice that several product pages are now gone, since we no longer manufacture them, such as the RH96 Remote Head Interface Kit. We have also removed pages of products that were scheduled to be produced, but lack of interest forced us to cancel them. Some new pages and new products have been added and we'll be adding more this weekend. An update notice will be posted about these new products. Once again, thank you for visiting our site and purchasing products! We wouldn't be here without your business.
  • 9/23/12:We were recently made aware of Larry Berg's (Owner of Purple Computing) death. Larry had been producing and supplying us the Garmin cables and connectors that we have been carrying for over ten years. We were first told that the business would continue to ship us parts, however, recently we were informed that the company is now defunct. We are working to obtain final inventory from what was left over, but the details are slow moving. We currently have all products that are related set to "Out of Stock". Some products are in stock, but have very low levels. Once we have a count, we'll re-activate those items until we have sold out or keep them active once we have obtained more to replenish inventory.
  • 2/10/12:We are happy to announce that we are now an official Microsat reseller! Microsat has created many different products for the amateur community. We have decided to start carrying the WX3IN1 (Combination APRS iGate, Digipeater and Weather Station Gateway) and the WXeth a standalone Weather Station ethernet gateway. We are working on getting these added to the site and they should be up shortly.
  • 12/14/11:Small RF Budget has just announced the new MX145H transmitter module. This module is 100% compatible with the MX146 and MX146LV. We have updated the product page with the new model number and the latest datasheet. We have inventory on the way this week, so we have also re-enabled the buying link.

In addition to our own products, we are official resellers of products from these companies: