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Microsat - WX3IN1 Plus 2.0

All New and Now Available!

  • The Microsat WX3IN1 Plus 2.0 is a combination APRS iGate, Digipeater and Weather Station gateway device with built-in telemetry and capable 1200 AND 9600 baud AFSK packet!


New features in WX3in1 Plus 2.0!
  • Removed MX614 hardware-decoding modem chip (used in WX3in1 Plus 1.0), packet decoding/encoding is accomplished with DSP algorithm (like in WX3in1 Mini)
  • Uses Texas Instruments TLV320AIC23B high quality 16-bit codec chip is used for audio path analog-digital and digital-analog conversion, device is able to decode packets with input signal level as low as 25mV p-p and as high as 1V p-p without need for signal level regulation,
  • Analog input and output levels are regulated in software, analog potentiometers are no longer necessary
  • Audio path is matched not only for standard AFSK 1200 APRS baudrate but also for GMSK 9600 APRS baudrate encoding/decoding (the second option will be available in next firmware updates)
  • RS-485 connector is separated from audio connector
  • Weather station DB-9 connector is replaced by MINIDIN-6pin connector with 2 serial ports like in PLXDigi/PLXTracker (currently one for weather station, the other for GPS)
  • Direct DS18B20 thermometer input connector on the rear panel for temperature measurement without need to use WXTelemetry
  • Operates using more advanced microcontroller with 512KB flash and 64KB ram, which gives much more possibilities for future firmware updates
Packet decoding efficiency results
  • Device is able to decode around 981 packets from Track 2 of WA8LMF TNC Test CD v1.1 (preemphasized audio)
  • Device is able to decode around 960 packets from Track 1 of WA8LMF TNC Test CD v1.1 (not preeamphasized audio)
More Features
  • Frame forwarding via the APRS network
  • Sending a frame to the APRS-IS server
  • Ignoring the frame if it does not meet the specified criteria
  • The device firmware implements the following mechanisms:
    • Checksum Verification - frames with errors are ignored
    • Anti-flood - repeated frames in a short time interval are not forwarded
    • Path checking - the decision to frame forwarding is based on a path, the user defines whether to forward WIDE1-1, Widen-N, Spn-N frames and the maximum value of n.
  • WX3in1 also allows you to generate APRS data frames APRS with information field defined by the user and send them in a specified interval. In this way, it is possible to send beacons and objects.
APRS-IS client

WX3in1 allows you to connect to APRS-IS network servers. After logging onto a selected server, it is possible to send data received from the APRS radio network. All frames with correct format and checksum are sent by the device.

APRS-IS messages forwarding

The device allows you to receive messages from the APRS-IS server. Then the destination station is checked if it is heard in the immediate vicinity of the radio APRS network. If a station is heard then message frame is sent via APRS radio and repeated three times in the absence of confirmation ACK.

Weather station server

WX3in1 allows you to receive weather information from weather stations via the RS-232 cable. The data is then encoded into the APRS frame and may be sent to a radio network at specified intervals. Additionally WX3in1 Plus allows you to send the same frames to APRS-IS server.

Supported weather stations:
  • LaCrosse/Technoline WS-2300,
  • LaCrosse/Technoline WS-2350,
  • Peet Bros Ultimeter 100,
  • Peet Bros Ultimeter 800,
  • Peet Bros Ultimeter 2000,
  • Peet Bros Ultimeter 2100,
  • Davis Vantage Pro (with RS232 datalogger),
  • Davis Vantage Pro2 (with RS232 datalogger),
  • Davis Vantage Pro Plus (with RS232 datalogger),
  • Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (with RS232 datalogger),
Remote WWW access

With firmware version v1.00 and up, it is possible to configure and view device configuration remotely via web browser.

Web Configuration Screenshots

Microsat - WX3IN1 Plus 2.0 - MSWX3IN1
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