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RTrak-HAB - Dual Frequency Programming Tutorial

IMPORTANT! Make sure that your RTrak-HAB has been loaded with the RTrak-HAB specific firmware found: Here

Step 1: Read the current configuration programmed into your RTrak-HAB. You should get a screen like the one shown below.
Step 2: Click on the "Freq" button circled in red.
Step 3: You should get a window pop-up that looks like the one shown below.
Step 4: The red oval indicates where you set the dual frequency counting. A setting of "2" will force a beacon on frequency 1 and then on frequency 2. It will alternate back and fourth.
Step 5: Never select the "Selector" option for either frequency 1 or frequency 2. This is an option only available to the original RTrak, RTrak-LP and RTrak-Mini.
Step 6: Set the two frequencies desired in the fields below and then select them with the radio buttons. We suggest using slots 1 and 2 for easy programming.